The comprehensive review of Resident Evil: Village


Brendan Heilman

Brendan Heilman , Clubs Editor

Resident evil village otherwise known as tall lady game by popular Youtuber jacksepticeye because of the main villain of the game Lady Dimitrescu who is is approximately 9 feet, 6 inches tall in her heels and fabulous hat and weighing in at about 550 lbs making her the tallest villain in resident evil history in front of nemesis who was 7 feet 3 inches a total of 2 feet 3 inches difference and a Mr. X action figure is about 8 inches tall so  Lady Dimitrescu is the tallest villain in resident evil history the tallest tyrant is only 8 foot 7 inches the tallest main character is Chris Redfield who is 5 feet 11 inches tall but enough about lady dimetrescu and more on the game it is an interesting game about zombies/vampires/whatever duke is. The zombies are scary the characters, scary the bosses, SCARY and even if you haven’t played a resident evil game before at the beginning of the game there is a small recap of the 28 games before. Chris Redfield has been a character in 6 out of the 28 games now he has become some sort of anti-villain The playable character is Ethan winters from resident evil 7 he is scrawny but he is still able to fend off the horde like it’s nothing overall this game is great 8/10