Opinions on “Just for Kicks”


Logan Sanders

logan sanders, student life editor

                 Just for kicks is a 2003 film about a little league soccer team, and a pro soccer player that is in hiding. Dillan and Cole are twins that are in love with soccer, and their father is supposed to coach their team, but a business “thing” comes up and he has to go to Washington D.C. After hearing this Dillan and Cole are devastated and their mom is forced to coach the team since the backup coaches all bail.


                After their first practice most of the time quits, while Dillan and Cole are unloading the car some balls roll out into the street. When they go to get the balls they almost get hit by a car, but the grease monkey saves them and disappears. Dillan and Cole go looking for him and find him. When they asked him to coach their soccer team he said no, but he agreed to teach them one thing.


               After seeing that they really need a coach the grease monkey agreed to coach. After their team makes it to the qualifying round of state they lose by one point. On the day they lost the press took a picture of the grease monkey, after seeing this in the news he needed to leave. He reveals that he is Goerge Patrik Owens and makes it to Dillan and Cole’s game. 


               A few days prior to the game Dillian and Cole’s Dad is informed about the “situation”

              Dillan and Cole win state but Goerge Patrik Owens is being pursued by some Italian gangsters, but are stopped by police and Dillan and Cole’s father.


                This movie was great. It’s also free on youtube. 10/10 I would watch again. There is one thing though, when Rudy, or Goerge Patrik Owens, first appeared I knew that he was Goerge Patrik Owens. Other than that there was nothing wrong with the movie.