National Counselors Week at DMS

Reyna Murillo and Joelliza Fincher

Students signs a poster in appreciation to their counselors (Joelliza)

This week is National Counselors Week, and since Duncan Middle School has three different counselors, there are multiple ways to show appreciation to each one of them. One way many students can show how they practice with their counselors is by telling them how much you appreciate them. 

Bubba Clark, a counselor at the Duncan middle school said “ He really appreciates that they celebrate the counselors.” Clark enjoys being a counselor because it’s nice having interactions with students and co-workers. Talking to students makes us feel like we’re making a difference.” 

Bubba said, “ Sometimes listening to other people’s feelings can help my own, but on the other hand, we get attached and we hate when you’re hurting, and when you are happy we are happy.” 

The downfalls of being a counselor in Clark’s opinion is “We can’t help everybody, it comes down to their choices as well, we can talk and listen but at the end of the day, people choose who to go to.” 

One way that some students have shown appreciation for counselors is making posters. Alivia Cook, an 8th grader made a poster for Ms. Davis, one out of three of our counselors, said in shiny glitter letters “we love our counselors” and students were able to sign their name in different colors. 

Emily Hallford, an 8th grader who helped Alivia  said “I think it was nice that the poster was made. Hallford said “about 70 or 75 people signed the poster, and I think that will make the counselors feel good.” 

If you want to show appreciation to some of our counselors, reach out to them personally in their offices, or email them through the school’s email. All of our counselors are Barbra Davis, Bubba Clark, and Laura Jones. Did you show appreciation to our counselors this week? In what ways did you show it? Leave a comment, and have a nice day.

“It’s hard to take home bad feelings with you, we limit ourselves occasionally when we try to help people.” says Bubba Clark