Online friends sometimes the best

Lillian Thomason, Student Life Reporter

Your parents may have told you to be cautious about who you talk to online, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to anyone.

There are many people and communities you can interact with.

I, myself, am a part of a wonderful small community. The main person of

Lillian Thomason

this community (I’ll call her E) streams on Twitch, and that is where I found her. I became friends with E and the others in her Twitch chat.

In this community, we do not know each other’s exact ages, names or locations, but we know enough to trust each other. Of course, we joke and have fun a lot, but we also care. If one of us is having a bad time we talk and we know we have each other.

This community is where I go when having a tough time, and they all genuinely mean a lot to me. They help so much when I’m struggling with many different things, such as schoolwork and mental health.

Just the other day, I was feeling very depressed, and they all made me feel so much better. They made me laugh and feel like I’ll be OK. They are awesom, and I love them all (platonically of course).

If you struggle with having friends in your real life, you can always turn to find them online.

Most of the time, you can find people you can relate to and enjoy interacting with more than in real life. You can connect on levels that real-life people can’t.

Of course, it’s better to have real-life friends and online friends, but it’s perfectly fine to find most online.

This doesn’t mean you should trust and talk to just absolutely anyone online, but it is great to have friends. They can do and be a lot for you.