DMS set to kick off Thanksgiving Break

Angela Ibarra, Reporter

Sadi Blalock
Sherry McGhghy shows off the Thanksgiving lunch featured in the cafeteria Thursday.

Thanksgiving Break is Nov. 20 through 25.

Aaliyah Smith, a sixth-grader, tells how she feels about Thanksgiving Break.

“It’s a great time to spend time with you families,” said Smith.

“Me and my family get together at my great grandma’s house and eat a lot, then I will go to my papa’s house because my Gran makes the best food. Then we will hang out there,” she said.

Smith said she is excited for the break and to have time off school.

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Patti Thaxton, Title I teacher, said “Some of our traditions are eating a great big lunch and having pumpkin roll, broccoli and cheese, and company potatoes. Another thing we do as a tradition is we go to my mom’s house, and she lives in the country so it’s  really nice to spend time out there.”

For Thaxton, this year’s holiday will be special.

“This is the first Thanksgiving that I  have a grandbaby,” said Thaxton. “Some of the things I do around Thanksgiving is I sleep in and help my mom cook. I also find time to watch some kind of football.”