Red Ribbon assembly brings new dance for cheer

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Hailie Moore
Cheerleaders perform during the Red Ribbon Week assembly Wednesday.

In a throwback to the 1980s, the Duncan Middle School cheerleaders unveiled their newest dance to the song “Mickey” during Red Ribbon Week.

“Mickey” is a song from 1981, that was performed by Toni Basil. The video is well-known for its cheerleader theme.

The DMS cheerleaders said they were happy with how they performed. Seventh-grade cheerleaders Emaree Rosado and Gracie Howard-Goble said they felt the team did decently.

However, Ann Grace Roberson, an eighth-grade cheerleader, said there are things she would have changed.

“One stunt didn’t go up,” Roberson said, referring to a cheer toss that didn’t happen.

Despite the failed launch, eighth-grader Sheridan White said she thought the team did well.

The next performance for the seventh and eighth-grade cheerleaders will be during halftime of the Duncan High School’s Friday night football game. Roberson and White said they thought they were ready. However, Rosado and Howard-Goble said they were nervous about the halftime performance.

Roberson said the cheerleaders know the dance. And White said she expects things to go off without a hitch.

“We wont mess up this time,” White said.