Lockhart’s class wins door decorating contest

Coby Robinson, Arts Reporter

During Red Ribbon Week, teachers and students worked together to decorate their doors based on both Halloween and drug awareness. The competition run from Oct. 24 to 31.

Zachary Collins
Jamar Lockhart poses with the picture of his winning door.

The winning class was Jamar Lockhart’s first-hour, seventh-grade math class. Lockhart said the inspiration for his door came from his creative students, who took 2 1/2 days working in and outside of class.

The winning class earned a pizza party for that class period. Additionally, Lockhart said he would dress up as Frozone from “The Incredibles” if his class won.

Although Lockhart’s class was the winning group, there were two honorable mentions, including Lacey Smith, sixth-grade science, and Tammy Sparks, tween life.

For Smith, the inspiration for her door came from her students as well. It took her students a couple of days using extra time to decorate with Smith coming in after school to work on it.

Sparks said students started working on her door when they finished their work for her class. Unlike many other classes, the door was decorated by her second hour students. She said it was a student-led initiative that took them about four hours to complete.