Student athletes talk about reasons they play multiple sports

Abby Carter and Hayden Davis

As winter sports draw to a close and spring sports get underway, some student athletes will find themselves unwinding from their season or gearing up for their sport. For others, this change is sports seasons is nothing more than a transition from one sport to the next.

Sheridan White
Kase Spivey
Mason Imel
Bree Qualls

Bree Qualls, Mason Imel, Kase Spivey and Sheridan White, all students at Duncan Middle School, provided their opinions about playing multiple sports.

Qualls, a seventh-grade student, plays softball, basketball and track. Of those, softball is her favorite because her mom made it to college playing softball.

She said she enjoys being active in so many sports and doesn’t find it tiring going from one to the next.

Imel, a seventh-grader, is active in football, baseketball and baseball. Like Qualls, he is active during all seasons of sports at Duncan Middle School.

But they aren’t the only two who plays sports throughout the school year. Eighth-graders Spivey and White do, too.

Spivey plays football, basketball and golf, and White is active in volleyball, basketball and tennis, and she does cheer. White said her favorite sport is volleyball because it is fun and she is good at it.

Imel, Spivey and White all said that it can be tiring going from one sport to the next, but they do it because they enjoy the activities and the challenges. White said it’s not unusual to be sore all the time because of constant activity, thought.