Attendance competition gets underway

Angela Ibarra and Kaden Cogburn

Angela Ibarra
The March Madness bracket adorns the hallway wall, just outside the sixth-grade library entrance.

March Madness is exciting some students and teachers at DMS.

March Madness is a competition that is taking place here at DMS, where first hour classes battle to have the highest attendance. If you are tardy it also counts as an absent. If you are suspended you also are counted absent and do not get to participate in the actives.

The winner’s receive a pizza party, recess and game day.

Lucas Eaton seventh-grader in Jill Bates’ first hour said, “It’ cool, and I hope we win.”

Bates, seventh-grade social studies teacher, said she is excited about the competition, which pitted her against fellow seventh-grade social studies teacher Drew Wortham.

“I think that March Madness will be a lot of fun and an awesome way to get kids competitive,” Bates said.

The name of her first hour team is the Bates’ Ballers.

Principal Rodney Strutton said the March Madness contest will help address the attendance issue at Duncan Middle School.

“Because we have an F on our state report card on attendance, I think it will be a great way to boost up the competition and make kids show up and to be on time,” Strutton said.

March Madness will end on April 6, but weekly winners will be announced throughout the competition. Last week’s class with the top attendance was Melinda Burk’s first hour social studies class.