Teachers, students walk in for education

Whitley Brown, Student Life Reporter

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Wednesday, the teacher walk-in took place.

During this gathering, students and teachers gathered out around the flag pole in front of the school. Bubba Clark, DMS councilor, led the group in prayer before speaking about how unity has importance, and how students should always try their best.

 “You need to burn those ships about thinking you’re not good enough, about not trying, and not caring” Clark said.

The teacher walk-in has importance to people, though it may not seem so. To students, it may seem as an odd gathering, but especially to staff, it is important.

“The teacher walk-in is an event which shows solidarity of teachers and students working together for increased funding for schools” Sonia Norton, special education teacher, said.

The unity of our school is very important, whether it seems like it or not. Making sure everyone feels included and acknowledged is a big part of unity.

So, the next time you think about our school, think to yourself  “are we a community, or just here?”