Sen. Scott visits DMS

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Whitley Brown
Tammy Bennett, STEM teacher, talks about her program during Sen. Paul Scott’s tour of Duncan Middle School

Oklahoma Sen. Paul Scott of Duncan, paid a visit to Duncan Middle School Friday, taking the opportunity to hear from teachers about their concerns with education in Oklahoma.

Throughout his time at the middle school, Scott took time to talk with teachers during the three lunch period, took a tour of the school, and spoke with several teachers and classes along the way. Some students were given opportunities to ask questions, which included “What does a senator do?”

“I enjoy visits like these,” Scott said. “I want people to know that I’m available to them, and that I want to help them.”

He was one of four local legislators invited to Duncan Middle School for the day as part of Red For Ed Week, which kicked off Monday, but he was the only legislator able to make visit DMS. Others invited were Rep. Marcus McEntire, Rep. Brad Boles and Sen. Chris Kidd, all of whom were also invited to the Duncan Chamber of Commerce Legislative Coffee that morning.

Scott was elected into office in 2016, and represents District 43, which includes Duncan. Scott spoke about some of the challenges he faces as a state senator.

Whitley Brown
Sen. Paul Scott visits with humanities teacher Cathy Barker.

“The most challenging part of being where I am is not having control,” he said.v“I’m a business owner, and I’m used to making immediate decisions. But when I need to make a decision now I have to wait for the approval of 149 other people.”

Scott said his position can be challenging, but it’s important to continue working with others.

“It’s like a chess board, you know? You just have to build relationships and trust everyone,” Scott said.

Scott’s beliefs are simple: family, truth, and trust. He believes in honest work and business. He wants to make sure people know he’s available to them, and that they can trust him.