School starts back up at DMS

Jonah Link, Reporter

Duncan Middle School teachers and students returned to school today with new goals.

Rylee Brown
The hallways fill with Duncan Middle School students.

Sixth-graders spent time searching for the new classes, while eighth-grade students moved through the hallways with the ease of pros.

This year ushers in new teachers and returning veterans, along with new elective classes, including sign language, speech and drama, civics, and interdisciplinary science.

Hope McFatridge, resource teacher, said the first day of school went smoothly. McFatridge said she did have to spend some time helping sixth-grade students find their way to class.

Drew Wortham, seventh-grade social studies teacher, said the day was somewhat chaotic, but it’s something to be expected of the first day of school.

Wortham said he spent the day going over rules and schedules with his students.