Castle talks about STEM

Ady Meeks, Academics Editor

Ady Meek
STEM teacher Rosie Castle works with students second hour today.

This is Rosie Castle’s first year as a STEM teacher here at DMS, but she’s definitely not new to this whole teaching thing. This is her 20th year teaching in all with two of those years being at Duncan Middle School.

If you ever walk into Castle’s classroom, you can expect to see her up in front of the room teaching or walking around the classroom helping out her students. This is just a small look into what STEM is really like. 

Castle talked a little bit about a few projects that will take place in her STEM class and some of her expectations for her STEM students. 

She expects a couple things from her students this year. She said two of her main things are “to always do your best, and if you need help, just ask me.”

At DMS STEM is a science class in eighth grade and an elective for sixth and seventh-graders.

“STEM is a lot different from a regular science class,” she said. “It’s a lot more fun. We get to do a lot more hands on activities. We also get to go on free field trips.”

You do a lot of cool projects in STEM, she said. Two of her favorites include building a shed in green architecture and designing a tool in designing /modeling.

In all, she is enthusiastic about the 2019-20 school year.