Practice decreases confusion

Rylee Brown, Faculty Reporter

Rylee Brown
DMS students participate in the bus evacuation drill

Within the first full week of school, Duncan Middle School had five emergency drills. These drills included the lock-down drill, the evacuation drill, the bus drill, the intruder drill and the fire drill.

A tornado drill will be scheduled for some time this month.

Officer Chris Perkins, Duncan Middle School’s resource officer who is in charge of school safety, talked about how the drills went.

“Overall the drills went well,” Perkins said. “There’s always room for improvement, and we will strive to make our drill responses better.”

Perkins said the drills are important to Duncan Middle School because it allows students and teachers to practice and get familiar with the various protocols.

“Our response times would be slower because there would be confusion, and that could lead to injuries,” he said.

Perkins said all of the drills are important to the safety and well-being of DMS students and teachers, but the most practiced drill is the intruder drill.

“We need to do the intruder drill more because of its complexity,” he said. “ All the drills are equally important, however the intruder drills are the most complicated and require the most training and practice.”