Teachers Talk About Labor Day

Pamela Nieto and Paige Corcorran

The teachers in Duncan Middle School were ready for Labor Day weekend. All of the teachers that were interviewed were excited about being gone on Sept. 2.

Pamela Nieto
AnnaMaree Williams talks about how she went hunting with her husband and family.

Some of the teachers are spending it with family and doing other fun activities. Most of the teachers say that it’s not unnecessary because it’s a Holiday and a Tradition. 

Rodney Strutton (Duncan Middle School Principal) said that he rebuilt a fence all three days. He said it is always hard when we come back from a break to catch up on work. 

AnnaMaree Williams a 7th grade science teacher at Duncan Middle School was also interviewed, she said that she went hunting with her husband and family, she was asked if it is hard for her to catch up on work after a three day weekend she said “yes, it has been very crazy” 

Even if you didn’t do anything for labor day weekend it’s still fun to be gone from school.