Sixth-graders discuss their electives

Ayden Belveal and Adel Mohammed

Have you ever wondered what kinds of electives are out there for students, or maybe what some electives teach students?

Anavrin Sorensen

A couple of sixth-graders talked about their favorite electives and explained why they like those elective classes.

Anavrin Sorensen has journalism, choir and band for her electives. With all of these electives to choose from she picked journalism as her favorite because she thinks it is fun. She also plays clarinet in the beginning band.

Joseph Stroud’s elective classes include journalism, STEM and keyboarding, also known as computer lit. Of those electives, Stroud said his favorite is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) because he likes to be able to discover what he might want to do in the future in engineering.

Joseph Stroud

Other electives available at DMS include library skills, tween life, speech/drama, physical education, sign language, health and humanities.

In all, many of the DMS sixth-graders said they enjoy their electives. The Demon Direct would like to know how you are enjoying yours. Let us know in the comments section down below or email us at [email protected].