See You at the Pole returns to DMS

Caleb Huizar, Student Life Reporter

Caleb Huizar
Students pray together during Wednesday’s See You at the Pole event.

Duncan Middle School teachers and students gathered at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning for See You at the Pole, which took place at the flag pole in front of DMS.

Many students who attended the event said they had a good time. The event started with everyone singing along and continued into everyone praying together.

Mandy Robbins, DMS resource teacher, is the leader of DMS’s chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA, along with Robbins, hosted this year’s See You at the Pole.

When the event wrapped Wednesday morning, things were just getting started. The “Saw You at the Pole” event took place Wednesday night at Impact580, a church located on 12th Street.

During Saw You at the Pole, students took part in more worship. The Impact 50 band also performed.