DMS holds first tornado drill of school year

Paige Corcorran and Pamela Nieto

Casey Phillips
Kooper Kelly stops for a picture.

A couple of student’s at Duncan Middle School were interviewed about what they thought how the Tornado Drill went, Kooper kelly an eigth-grade Office Aid was interviewed to see what he thought of the tornado drill. He was asked what are some things that he we need to work on.

Pamela Nieto
Bricen Mendinghall poses for a quick picture.

 He said that we need more space and we need to work on not talking during the drills. Kelly said that it was loud and crazy. He thinks it is important so we know what to do in case of a real tornado.

Bricen Mendinghall a sixth-grade student was asked that same questions. He thinks that some things we need to work on is getting to the rooms faster.

Mendinghall said that it did not go to good because no one would be quiet and they were all yelling and being loud. He said it did not go very well because it took them a long time to get to the classroom.