Seventh grade goes to Cameron

Casey Phillips, Student Life Reporter

The seventh graders at DMS took a field trip to Cameron University on October 23rd, and 24th. Last year students were required to have a parent signature to go on the trip, but this year all seventh graders could go unless their parents didn’t allow them to. 

 Instructional coach Sandy Ferguson said, “ The process of setting up the field trip is not stressful, but there is a lot of moving pieces.”

 Ferguson  thinks it is important to expose the students to a college campus to see what their life could be like if they went to Cameron.

Braiden Stevens said that the trip went good. Her favorite part was the science complex. For lunch they had ham or turkey sandwiches and a bag of chips. She said that her favorite part was the big cookie they got. She also stated that the water they were given was “small and everyone complained about it.” She says she would consider going to Cameron in the future. One thing she learned while on the trip was the different degrees.

Julian Sorenson also enjoyed the trip. His favorite part was the mammoth tusks on display. He enjoyed the food as well. He would also consider going to Cameron in the future. One new thing he learned was how big the campus is.