MacArthur Wrestling Tournament

Meg Walker and Kady Wiggins

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The Duncan Middle School wrestling team had a tournament  November 9th at Lawton Mac. The wrestling team had a few wrestlers place. Overall they did well.

Kooper Kelly, an eighth grader, thought the tournament went good. Kelly’s weight class is 101 lbs. Kelly placed first at the tournament. Kelly said “My favorite move is a half.” He thought the bus ride was boring. Kelly said “Our new coach did good.” His favorite part about wrestling is it is fun.

Kooper Kelly, 8th grade wrestler.

TeTe Jackson, an eighth grade wrestler, who wrestles at weight class 125 lbs thought the tournament went bad. Jackson did not place at the tournament. He said “My favorite move is high crotch.” He thinks his new coach did great at the tournament.

Diesel  Mason, a seventh grade wrestler, who wrestles at weight class 160 lbs thought the tournament went well. Mason said he placed 3rd in the tournament. He said “Snake and headlock are my favorite moves.” He said the bus ride was slow, but the tournament was fun.