Restrooms closed during class

Principals respond to vandalism

Paige Corcorran and Pamela Nieto

Danica Contreras
The restrooms at DMS remain closed between classes because of vandalism that has occurred.

If a student wants to use the restroom during class, they can’t go to the restrooms on their grade hallway because those restrooms are closed.

Pamela Nieto
Rodney Strutton and Paige Corcorran pose for a quick photo.

The DMS principals Christy McIntyre and Rodney Strutton weighed in on the situation.

Throughout the last few months, students have vandalized the restrooms by carving words and images into the paint on the bathroom stalls. This led to the restrooms begin closed during class periods.

McIntyre said the damage reflected a level of immaturity and disrespect that is unacceptable at the middle school.

Because of the damages, students needing to use the restrooms during class are only able to do so by going up to the office and signing off that they are using the restrooms. After that, they go to the commons to use the restroom.

The restrooms are also being monitored by teachers between classes to ensure students are not causing destruction to any part of the facilities.

Strutton said the vandals do it because they have no respect for others or for the restrooms.

The restrooms will remained closed unless a teacher is present, Strutton said.

McIntyre said that if students witness another student causing any kind of damage to the restrooms they can report it to the office in hopes of curbing the behavior.

“We just have to trust students to tell us when they see it happen,” she said.

Strutton and McIntyre said they are frustrated and mad about the situation. The new approach has helped to reduce, if not stop, the vandalism in the restrooms on each of the grade hallways.

Neither knows how long things will continue, but DMS is looking at having grade hallway restrooms closed during class periods for long term, possibly the rest of the school year.