Funkhouser Talks About First Year at DMS

Autumn Petty, Gabby Hilton, and Ady Meek

This year at DMS, there is a new elective called speech and drama. LaVonna Funkhouser, who teaches this new elective, has a very unique teaching style. 

If you ever walk into Mrs.Funkhousers classroom, you are very likely to see her up in front of her class teaching, or you might see her students up in front of their peers performing scripts and plays.

      “What I like most about my classes is when they are creative and come up with interesting things to for the new plays,” she said.

“So far, one of my favorite assignments has been acting out fables.” She informed us.

“What I like most about speech and drama is having fun and supporting each other. If a child does not feel like performing i will have the whole class support and encourage them or I will perform with them.” She told us.

In all, many of Mrs. Funkhousers students will tell you that she is a very helpful teacher. If you are in her class, you can probably agree. We hope she is enjoying her first year teaching here at DMS!