West Moore Wrestling Tournament


Kady Wiggins and Meg Walker

The Duncan Middle School wrestling team participated in the West Moore tournament November 16th. 

Wrestlers Eli Ramirez and Paeton Dial. Picture by Kady Wiggins

Paeton Dial, an eighth grade wrestler, says the season is going pretty good. Dial said “Practice is going very good, and I enjoy it.” He said his goal for wrestling is to not get pinned. He has been wrestling for two months. He said “My coach has prepared me well, and I appreciate his good looks.”

Eli Ramirez, an eighth grade wrestler, says that the season is going great and they are destroying. Ramirez said “Practice is going good, we are learning things.” Ramirez’s goals for the season are to win state. He has been wrestling for 10 years. He said “ Our coach has prepared us well by teaching us the fundamentals and technique.