Demon’s pregame at Altus

On Thursday January eighth the Duncan Middle School basketball team plays the Altus Bulldogs. The seventh and eighth grade girls will play at home against the Bulldogs starting at four o’clock. The seventh and eighth grade boys will travel to Altus, they will also start at four o’clock. 

Olivia Fletcher, an eighth grade girls basketball player said she is prepared for the game. Fletcher thinks they will win against the Altus Bulldogs. Fletcher said “Practice has gone good but not very many people showed up for practice over break.” She is mentally prepared for the game. She thinks they will probably do good on defense during the game. She said “I don’t think we will have very many problems with anything during the game.”

Chris Kouts, the eighth grade center said he thinks his team is prepared to go up against the Bulldogs. Kouts hopes they will win, and thinks they have a good chance. He said practice has gone very well, and he is mentally prepared for the game. He thinks defense will do a good job against the Bulldogs, and that they may have some trouble with passing during the game. Over all he expects a good outcome.

Nolan Coskrey, a seventh grade guard thinks the team is prepared for the game. Coskrey said “I think we will win the game.” Practice has gone good for the seventh grade team. He thinks he is mentally prepared for the game. He said “I think we will do good on ball movement during the game. He thinks the only problem they will have during the game is their passing.