Baseball season starts


Chago Barham an eighth grade baseball player.

Kady Wiggins and Meg Walker

As winter seasons are coming to an end, the spring sport is coming up fast. Duncan Middle Schools baseball team has started practice. They started practice on Monday, February 10th. 

Gage Ingram, an eighth grade baseball player, said that their first practice went well. He thinks they will do good this season, but they will need to work on hitting. Ingram said that although they need to work on hitting they are good at communication and fielding. He said their goal for this season is to go undefeated.

Gabriel Murillo, an eighth grader baseball player, thinks they will go undefeated this year. Murillo said “We need to work on our hitting.” Murillo thinks the

team’s strength is their speed. He thought the first practice went well because they worked together. He said “Our goal for the season is to win the Deer Creek tournament.”

Chago Barham, an eighth grade baseball player, thinks the season will go great. Barham thinks his team and him need to work on hitting. Barham said “Our strengths are feilding and talking.” He said the first practice went good. He said “The team’s goal is to go undefeated.”