Duncan Middle School Track Starts Their Season


Kady Wiggins, Sports Reporter

Duncan Middle School track has started their season. They started practice February 12th, and they have their first meet coming up in two week, on March 3rd. 

Lexxus Mcreynolds, a seventh grader doing track for the first time says practice has gone well, and it’s not as hard as she thought it was going to be. Mcreynolds thinks that she will do well this season, and hopes to be able to run a mile in less than seven minutes. She is excited for this season.

Sydney Miller, a seventh grader that is also doing track for the first time says practice has gone very good. Miller said that practice is challenging, but it’s not too hard. Her goal for this season is to be able to run a mile in under seven minutes. She said she is ready for this season.

Callen Villagrana, an eighth grade thrower, said practice has gone well and it is fun to work on a lot of footwork. Villagrana said practice is challenging, and she thinks she will do good if she keeps working hard. Her goal this season is to place at a meet. 

The head coach Mandy Robbins said, the athletes have been working hard in practice, but the weather is “difficult”.  Coach Robbins thinks that the team will do great this season. She says she has promising runners, and they have potential for success.