Duncan Middle School Golf Starts Season


Julia Wilson, eighth grade golfer.

Kady Wiggins and Meg Walker

On Tuesday, February 25th the Duncan Middle School golf team has their first practice of the season. They practice at the Country Club Golf Course on Plato Rd. 

Julia Wilson, an eighth grade golfer, said she is ready for their first practice. Wilson said she has been working hard already, and is excited for tournaments. She said she has played for most of her life, and has a real passion for golf. She is excited for the season, and she thinks they will be pretty good.

Averie Brookshire, an eighth grade golf player, is ready for the first practice. Brookshire said “I have been working on golf already.” Brookshire is ready to meet new people. She has experience playing golf before. This is her first year playing competitive golf but she goes and plays with her family.