Pandemic leads to sports cancellation

Mason Imel , Sports Reporter

The Coronavirus pandemic has canceled many things at DMS including spring sports.

Many athletes were just getting into the regular season grind when things started getting canceled. The spring season at DMS has four main sports including baseball, track and field, golf, and tennis. 

Track athletes Landon Holthaus and Callen Villagrana said they were disappointed with the season ending early.

Holthaus said that he is really sad about the season getting canceled, and he has been working on his own by trying to workout every day.

Callen Villagrana said she is bummed because she wanted to get better this season. Villagrana said she has just been trying to stay active.

Both athletes said they’re excited for high school sports, but Villagrana says she is also nervous.

Baseball catcher Jackson Poage said the cancellations make him mad because the baseball team was off to a great start.

Poage has been getting lessons and been in the batting cages to keep fresh during this time. He said he can’t wait for sports as an eighth-grader next school year. 

All of these athletes are trying to stay busy whether they play on their phone, try new things or even organize their garage.