Performing arts impacted by quarantine

Ixchel Sepulveda, Performing Arts Editor

As a quarantine has taken place throughout Oklahoma, it has affected all middle school and high school performing arts groups preventing them from practicing or planning any concerts because school has moved to online courses at home.

Derrick Miller
Several middle school students, including Ainsley McEntire, Sadi Blalock and Anavrin Sorenson performed in Duncan Little Theatre’s production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” in February.

The quarantine is a response to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Eighth-grader Ainsley McEntire, a Duncan Middle School student, is a performer in plays and shows for Duncan Little Theatre and Hodgson’s Studios.

“For  Hodgson Studio’,s we have had to do practices over zoom and shows were pushed back a month or two,” McEntire said. “Even DLT had to push back auditions for our fundraiser show, and it might get cancelled.’’

Orianna Simmons, who is a member of the DMS seventh-grade band, said she is concerned about the impact distance learning might have on next year.

‘’I think quarantine has had a big impact because us sevenh-graders had so much left to learn, so when we go to eighth-grade band we will be behind on our music,” Simmons said.

The band directors for Duncan High School and Duncan Middle School are now giving assignments through  Goggle Classroom so their band students can keep practicing on their instruments at home.

In conclusion, this situation has definitely changed and affected the ways performing arts are being done at this time.