DMS assigns seats in cafeteria

Katelyn Young, Isaac Pain, and Joelliza Fincher

Duncan Middle School seventh-graders spend time together during lunch. (Joelliza Fincher)

In this COVID year, things have been different for everyone. Something Duncan Middle School is doing differently because of the pandemic is assigning seats in the cafeteria.

The seating charts were put in place in response to the virus.

“It’s pretty fun being able to sit with your friends in the cafeteria,” sixth-grade student Jason Epp said. “It is causing a difference because there’s a less chance of you getting sick.

“I get to sit with my friends, and I enjoy sitting with my friends.”

Seventh-grader Jayce Ramirez had a different opinion.

“I don’t really like it just because I can’t sit with my friends, but there is good reason for it so that they can have contact with them,” Ramirez said.

He said he wishes he could move tables because he doesn’t get to talk to his friends as often as he’d like. He does get to sit by some of his friends, but with limited students at each table and the inability to move to another table.

“I wish I could move seats because not all of my friends sit at the same table,” Ramirez said.

Eighth-grader Peter Hernandez said the assigned seats makes sense because it’s easier to figure out who may have been exposed to COVID-19 because they always sit in a certain spot.

Hernandez said he gets to sit by his friends, and he enjoys it. he said he wish he could move seats sometimes because some of his friends may not be there some days.