DEx grants available for Duncan teachers.

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Barbra Davis, a counselor at Duncan Middle School, is a big fan of DEx Award grants.

Barbra Davis is one of several Duncan Middle School teachers who received a DEx Award last year. The grant program is open again for this school year. (Presley Sanders)

With the help of co-worker Dawn Price back in 2019, Davis received the DEx Award for professional development. This grant allowed her to attend quality meetings for the development of the mental health providers in their career, information she has been able to use in her job at DMS.

The filing period for this year’s DEx grants are open to Duncan teachers. The grants are awarded through the Duncan Public Schools Foundation, as long as funding lasts.

“Ongoing education is necessary,” Davis said, speaking about how the meetings do good for the employees attending them.

As a counselor, she loves the DEx Awards and what they do for her and her students.

The DEx awards were designed for student and teacher development in and outside of the classroom. Teachers and faculty members can apply for one of three grants. The Classroom Award, which can award up to $1,000 can be used for teacher materials or curriculum. Collaborative Award can give up to $3,000 max to bring something special to a school or grade level. The Professional Development Award can be used for teachers to attend various professional development opportunities and pays up to $2,500.

“These trends help me keep up to date with mental health trends, including trauma,” Davis said.

Davis hopes to use this grant so she can attend mental health conferences and other speaking engagements to help further the health of her students.

Innovative teaching is hard, so DEx Awards are willing to help.

Davis likes the idea of DEx grants. She thinks any learning opportunity for students and district employees is a blessing. DEx Awards help teachers and students with development in the classroom, and give other opportunities to the ones who are selected for these awards.

“This is a true blessing for teacher development,” says Davis.

This award can help teachers, students, and school counselors. Overall, she enjoys the DEx grants, and thinks they are very helpful for students and teachers.