Girl Scouts sell snacks to raise funds

Presley Sanders and Sydney Miller

Students involved in Girl Scouts of America have started selling snacks to raise money.

Joslen Wininger is selling items for Girl Scouts. (Presley Sanders)

They have different all different types of snacks to satisfy your cravings. Some of these snacks include Party mix, Fruit Snacks, and Nuts. Those are a few of the popular choices.

This snack sale will last for a month, or October, 27. This fundraiser will start next Monday. Students are allowed to sell these snacks at school. 

Joslen Wininger, a Girl Scout member, said she likes to go around her street and sell the snacks.

Her mom will take her down neighborhoods and sell them to her friends.

“I like to sell these snacks to friends and family,” Wininger said.

These snacks have a price range from $7-$15.