Pre-ACT testing set for Wednesday

On Wednesday, DMS students will be taking their Pre-ACT test.

Laura Jones and Bubba Clark are the DMS counselors, who are in charge of administering the pre-ACT on Wednesday. (Presley Sanders)

These tests will only be taken by the eighth-grade students. All of these tests will be on one day back-to-back during the first five hours of the day. Students will stay in their first hour classroom with their teacher until fifth-hour, where they will go to lunch and then continue on the day and go to their regular sixth and seventh hours.

The eighth-grade will be taking tests for math, science, reading, and English. These tests are only for core classes, and not for electives

The purpose of the Pre-ACT is to track where students are at in their education, and what their future life may look like, meaning what jobs and careers are possible. This test is supposed to be taken seriously, just as student would treat the actual ACT.

Duncan Middle School counselor Bubba Clark said, “This is a good indicator and a good practice, as it would be scary taking it for the first time.”

This ACT prep will be just like the actual ACT test. Students will be given a paper answer sheet and Np. 2 pencils, and the test will be timed.

This test will not be a graded test that will affect actual grades in school, but it will be scored to see where students are on this ACT.

Snacks will not be allowed unless your teacher says otherwise. The seating chart will be the same as it has been for the whole semester, but students whose first hours are electives will have to move to a core class for the duration of the test.