Fall Break starts Thursday

This Thursday, Duncan Middle School students are being released for the annual Fall Break. Students will get a week off of school to enjoy and relax outside of school with friends and family.

Fall Break will go through Tuesday with Tuesday being a professional development day for teachers. Fall Break marks the official end of the first quarter of the school year.

Sixth-grade students Riley Hutton and Jace Jackson work on an assignment as part of Digital Day. Today is the last day of school before Fall Break. (Bailey Hunter)

A survey was given to 30 students (about 5 percent of the DMS student population) about their thoughts on Fall Break.

Most students like fall Break. That means about 87 percent of the students interviewed said they enjoyed Fall Break. That means only 13 percent of students dislike Fall Break. 

Since most students enjoy Fall Break, students were given the question on whether they wanted a longer or shorter Fall Break. Of the 30 students surveyed, 77 percent said would enjoy it if the break was a little longer so they could have more time out of school. If that many students want the break to be longer, only 21 percent of students wanted the break to be shorter, so they could be back at school.

In addition to questions about the length of Fall Break, students were also surveyed about the weather for the break. Most of the students enjoy the fall weather with a whopping 80 percent coming to that agreement. According to that percent, that means about 20 percent of students think fall has bad weather.

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I was wondering if students would go on vacation or stay at home. Only 30 percent of the students are going on vacation.The remaining 70 percent of students are staying home and relaxing during their break. However, with concerns about COVID-19, many students are electing to stay home instead of traveling to other locations.

Although most students are staying home for the break from school, some said they will visit relatives instead. Only 40 percent of the students surveyed said they will visit relatives. That means, less than half of the students surveyed will visit their relatives during their free time.