Seventh-grade takes football victory against Vikings

Eighth-grade loses hopes for undefeated season

Collin Sherrill, Sports Reporter

Tuesday’s game between the Duncan Demons and the Lawton Ike Viking led to a seventh-grade win and the first defeat for the eighth-graders.

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The final score of the seventh-grade game was 26-6 with the Duncan Middle School team cinching a victory. The eighth-grade game ended with a score of 14-20 with Lawton Ike walking away with the win. This was the first loss of the eighth-grade Demons season.

In the seventh-grade game, the Demons got the ball first. On the first play, Boston White ran a 63-yard touchdown, but the Demons did not make the attempted two-point conversion. This brought the Demons to a start of 6-0 with the Demons leading Ike.

The game went great. Everybody did their jobs with only a few mistakes.”

— Jayce Ramirez

“I like that we have two quarterbacks and all, but it is weird trying to switch from catching missiles from Sawyer (Rice) and catching lobs by Boston (White),” seventh-grade player Cooper Edwards said. “I feel like we should play Sawyer because he can see the field better and because Boston is an elite wide receiver.”

Jayce Ramirez said he was proud of the seventh-grade team.

“The game went great,” Ramirez said. “Everybody did their jobs with only a few mistakes.”

The next game for the Duncan football teams will against the Lawton Central Cougars on Monday in Duncan. The seventh-grade game starts at 5 p.m.

Seventh-grade player Carter Riddles said he feels good about the upcoming game.

“If we play like this again, we will definitely beat the Lawton Central Cougars,” Riddles said.