Choir students try for All-Region

Damon Dillon, Dylan Harty, and Sydney Miller

Several Duncan Middle School choir students recently tried out for the Southwest Oklahoma All-Region Choir.

Mark Monteith is the DMS choir director. (Damon Dillon)

The students were Jakalynn Edwards, Raven Hunter, Avery Knapp, Dan Bower, Aaron Roy, Nevaeh Kamrath, Alivia Cook, Charlie Heath and Ava Johnson.

Nevaeh Kamrath is one of the students who made the tryouts

Kamrath personally thought that the tryouts weren’t too hard, although she had to deal with the nervousness of trying out. Even though she was nervous, she didn’t let the nerves get to her and managed to sing with ease.

One of the reasons Kamrath wanted to try out for the All-Region Choir is to see where she stood with her singing abilities and against other students. She has been in the choir for three years now and is always ready to get involved for anything related to choir.

Raven Hunter is another one of the students who made the tryouts.

To her, the tryouts were not that challenging. Hunter said she is always nervous before a competition where she would have to sing in front of other people, but after she starts singing all the nerves go away.

Raven Hunter
Nevaeh Kamrath

She went to the tryouts because it was such a small competition to enter, and she was excited to try for it. She has been in choir for 3 years now, and is very happy to be there and a part of the program.

Mark Monteith, the DMS choir teacher, is working with his students to prepare them All-Region tryouts. He said the efforts will hopefully lead the group to victory.

Monteith said loves his current students this year and said the choir is a great sounding group and all-around amazing people in general. He said that it was hard to choose this year because there were a lot of talented students trying.

Over the years at Duncan Middle School, there have been at least 40 or more choir competitions.