Blackburn encourages voting

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Joni Blackburn thinks voting is a must.

Blackburn, who is a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Duncan Middle School, said she feels strongly that voting this year is a good decision. She said she believes that everyone who is old enough should vote when they have the chance.

Joni Blackburn voted this morning and encourages other people to vote, too.

When it comes to voting, Blackburn has already cast her ballot and earned herself an “I voted” sticker.

“I’ve voted every time and have never missed an election,” Blackburn said. “I’m proud of myself for that accomplishment.”

She said she encourages people who are 18 or older to get out and vote for what they believe. In fact, Blackburn said she recently took her 85-year-old mother to the polls to vote.

Blackburn said it’s important for people to vote every time, especially for the presidential election every four years. This year, President Donald Trump is running against former Vice President Joe Biden for the nation’s top position.

But there are more races on Election Day each year than just the presidential race.

Blackburn said she keeps herself updated on all the new debates and news reports when there are any. She checks the news throughout the day to see if the points separating each candidate has changed.

She said people use their given right and vote because it is an important part of how the nation works.

“Our voices need to be heard,” Blackburn said. “We are a democracy.”