Miller wins big in CO2 car races

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

Lyle Roggow awards Ava Miller a check for the first place winner in the CO2 Car Race.

The official C02 car race happened Tuesday at the Simmons Center from 9 to 10 a.m.

The students participating in order of the fastest car were Ava Miller, Camden Villagrana, Brady Earsom, River Tate, Juliana Holt, Cameron Ferguson, Cash Clark, Jackson Williams, Cooper Edwards, Lyric Martin, Zekie Eckert, Stoney Bowens, Allie Foster, Raven Hunter, Jaxon Simpson, Presley Sanders, Layci Blalock, Cole Crimmins, Jack Ensey, Laura Stewart, Cadence Hill, Kadyn Armstrong, Brody Morris, Jentry Smith, Andy McFarland, Kyle Starr and Cecil Jones.

CO2 Car Race volunteers line up the CO2 cars in one of the heats. (Presley Sanders)

The categories the cars were judged by include People’s Choice, Engineering Sketch, Fastest Car, and an Overall score. The winners of these categories are listed as following:

People’s Choice:      1st- Ava Miller // 8th grade

        2nd- Brady Earsom // 8th grade

        3rd- Raven Hunter // 8th grade

Engineering Sketch: 1st- Ava Miller // 8th grade

        2nd- Juliana Holt // 8th grade

        3rd- Brady Earsom // 8th grade

Fastest Car: 1st- Ava Miller // 8th grade

        2nd- Camden Villagrana // 7th grade

        3rd- Brady Earsom // 8th grade

Overall: 1st- Ava Miller // 8th grade

        2nd- Camden Villagrana // 7th grade

        3rd- Brady Earsom // 8th grade

Every student was given a participation award, and the students who won the categories above were awarded prize money depending on what it was they won.

Ava Miller, the winner of all categories, won a total of $1,000.

Miller said she is planning on using the money she won to help fund her own blanket-making business.

“Go follow it on Instagram,” Miller said. “It’s called ‘made_with_love_from_ava’.”

This year, because of COVID-19, Duncan was the only school competing. Duncan students, as well as homeschooled and virtual students in the Duncan area, were allowed to attend with a car if they pleased.

Masks were required in the building to keep staff and students safe.