Seventh-grade Demons bring home basketball victory

Collin Sherrill, Sports Reporter

On Thursday, the Duncan Middle School boys played Lawton Central Cougars with seventh-grade boys walking away with the victory.

Boston White is a member of the winning seventh-grade basketball team. (Collin Sherrill)


The seventh-grade boys started the game scoring, and they became unstoppable. The seventh-grade Demons won 50-33.

“Even though we won, we still have stuff to work on,” seventh-grade player Boston White said. “We all need to work on not turning over the ball so much. I need to work on driving more.

“The best part of our game is we have a good defense. This means we are hard to score on.”

Sawyer Rice, another seventh-grade player had similar thoughts.

“The best part of the game was at the end of the game when both teams came together to let Mason (Huckabaa) score,” Rice said.

The 8th grade boys started well, but ended up coming home with a loss. Although Preston Giles showed up to play, scoring 23 points, the Demons were defeated 28-29.

Sawyer Rice helped Duncan take home a basketball victory Thursday. (Collin Sherrill)

Cannon Brenneis, eighth-grade player, said he was impressed with Giles’ game play, but knows there are plenty of areas needing work.

“One thing we need to work on is passing,” Brenneis said. “I need to work on shooting better.”

The next games will be Monday against Lawton Tomlinson. The game will be played at the Duncan Middle School, and it starts at 4:30. 

“Come support us,” Rice said.