Final grades coming due

Dylan Harty, Academics Reporter

Teachers are in the process of finalizing grades for report cards that will come out following Winter Break.

Whitney Gdanski enters grades, as the end of semester deadline approaches. (Sydney Miller)

This week, students have the opportunity to turn in their missing assignments to help their grades go up. Missing week needs to be turned in before the end of the day Friday. Teachers will be submitting grades for the report cards, which will go out in January.

Journalism teacher Derrick Miller said he thinks he has given his students enough time to finish their work. Miller set a deadline for late work, which was last Friday.

“It has been an interesting semester,” Miller said.

He plans to have all of his grades entered by Friday, which is one of the reasons he set a deadline for late work. He thinks this semester has been difficult and harder than past years.

Miller said teachers should get their grades completed before the break so they can take time to focus on their break from school.