First semester hit highs, lows

Noah McFatridge, Student Life Reporter

With the first semester finally over, it is time to recap on some of the important events.

Students have endured over four months of hard work. However, some students spent the last week of the semester worrying over failing grades or other things. Most students did not expect to get this far without shutting down. No matter what, teachers and students alike pushed on toward the end, and finally they made it.

Even though they are only halfway there, grades for the semester are final.

A lot of things have happened in this semester so far.

“My favorite part of the semester was all the cool teachers and classes I got,” eighth-grader Reece Imel said.

Imel also said the semester was good.

The year started on August 15, with some students complaining about going back to school and wearing masks. However, they soon got acclimated to these things and got back in the groove of school.

Soon things got into September, where fall sports such as volleyball, cross country, football and softball went underway, and all of these sports pushed their seasons and got them done. Meanwhile, other extra curricular activities, like clubs, band, choir, NJHS and Student Council got started.

In October, fall sports concluded, while officers for NJHS and the Student Council were elected. The NJHS hosted a canned food drive near the end, there was lots of cold weather, and on Oct. 27, school was cancelled because of ice.

A lot of other events happened, such as the first FCA meeting, Fall Break, parent-teacher conferences, pre ACT testing for eighth grade, and Homecoming and Red Ribbon weeks. At the end, there was also Halloween.

 In November, winter sports started, and Thanksgiving day and break arrived. Tensions aroused in the school as Trump and Biden faced off in the next presidential election. Choir and band all region tryouts happened, and the CO2 car races happened.

Finally, in December, three short weeks happened before the first semester concluded. Academic team meets started, as well as basketball games and wrestling matches. The band and choir Christmas concerts went underway, and grades became final as some students started to panic over failing grades. Christmas cheer spread throughout the school as classrooms were decorated.

 The year was full of unpredictable surprises and cancellations, such as the dance, several sports games, the Christmas parade, and lots of other events. There were lots of quarantines, and most students did not expect to get this far without going virtual. Even though the next semester remains undecided, this might go down as one of the craziest time periods ever.