Seventh-grade basketball boys decimate Lawton Mac

Collin Sherrill, Sports Reporter

The Demons topple Lawton Mac 58 to 27 on Monday when the Demons played against the Highlanders.

Boston White is proud of how the seventh-grade boys did in their game against Lawton Mac. (Collin Sherrill)

“ I feel like we played an all around great game,” seventh-grade player Boston White said. “The best part was when we were up by 30 on them.

“I don’t know why they were still talking smack after we smoked them. I feel like I would be okay if we lost every game and only beat Mac.’’ he said. “ I think I did the best getting rebounds because I had like ten rebounds.”

For a while the game was close, but after halftime they caught momentum and took the game away. They also had lock down defense after half.

They only scored 13 points after halftime. Jackson Loher was 3 for 4 at the three point line. White had 10rebounds. Carter Mitchelle had seven assists. Mason Huckabaa had two points and one  rebound. Blake Wilson had 4 points and 2 assists as well as one rebound. 

” That is our best played game of the year,” Wilson said. “If we keep playing like that we will keep winning.”

Their next game will be today. The Demons will play Altus at the Duncan Middle School.