DMS students to compete in You be the Chemist

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

You Be The Chemist has been an ongoing event for DMS students to showcase their knowledge in chemistry subjects.

Any DMS student, who is willing to give it a chance, is able to participate. Last year, the competition was held in a competing school in the north. During, the questions could be viewed from a projector screen, where teams could then answer them on a small whiteboard.

Stacy Smith, the leader of the DMS Gifted and Talented program, is the one preparing the students and taking them to the competitions.

Last year, the group of kids who made it onto the team went to Morrison, to test their knowledge. Duncan came in second place as a runner-up to Morrison, but because of COVID-19 Morrison did not get to advance to nationals.

This year, You Be The Chemist will take place at Duncan Middle School because of COVID-19.

“All kinds of changes have been implemented due to Covid,” Smith said.

Whenever Smith receives notice from everyone that would like to compete, she will send them a short message to explain the new circumstances and guidelines. 

“Gifted and Talented students will need to be exposed to a plethora matter including chemistry,” Smith saidregarding why it’s important for kids to give You Be The Chemist a try.

She said the study guide for the competition is placed in the Gifted and Talented google classroom so students will be prepared for the competition. The rewards for entering the competition would be getting to spend time with Smith and other students, and to be learning to the best of your ability.

In addition, the prize for winning would be getting to go to nationals, if COVID allows.