Teachers feelings on the Vaccine

Kristyn Alvarez, student life reporter

Last year in 2020, the covid vaccination was released. More than 17.5 million shots have been given in 38 different countries. Although you could still get infected with the virus even when given the vaccine. The bloomberg website states that, “The U.S. rollout fell short of federal projections as vaccinations proceeded unevenly across the states. The initial round of shots through early January has been doled out primarily through hospitals and other institutional health-care settings.” Many health care facilities are giving out the vaccines as well as hospitals. The website also states that, “ none of the shots, on its own is enough to inoculate a global population of 7.8 billion people. As the shots go out, Duncan Middle School will be giving out shots to teachers who want the vaccine. The vaccine that will be given out will need to be renewed every 3 to 4 years to help keep the virus from affecting them. 3 different teachers were interviewed. All asked the same questions, “ how do you feel about the covid vaccine?” and “ are you going to get the vaccine?” 6th grade IEP teacher was 1 of the 3 interviewed, she answered, “I think it can be helpful to other people” and then she said “ no im not. ”  Mr. Mark  montieth was also interviewed with the same questions “ no comment “ when asked about how he feels about the vaccine. And he said “ yes” to getting the vaccine. And lastly an 6th grade teacher was interviewed and answered “ uncomfortable” about the vaccine idea. And answered “ no comment” on whether getting the vaccine or not.  Based on some of the answeres received, there are mixed feeling about the vaccine and how it will affect them and whether or no it would be a good idea.