Library seeks overdue books

Sydney Miller, academics editor

Overdue library books are currently a big issue at DMS. At this moment, around 92 students have yet to turn in their overdue books. It is very important to turn in your library books on time, for multiple reasons. One being because the other students will then be allowed to check out the book if they wanted to, and the other one being the fact that you are charged for the overdue book. 

Now you may be asking, what if I didn’t know it was due? Students are given a return date the day the book is checked out, and the system sends you an email everyday the book is overdue to remind you to turn it in. 

“Anytime there are more than 50 overdue books I consider that a lot,” Librarian Barbara Gee said, “Students need to check their emails everyday to see if they have an overdue notice from me.” Students are charged 0.5 cents everyday after the third day their book is overdue, meaning students have a 2 day window to return their book to the library after it is overdue before they are charged. The money collected from the overdue books is used to purchase magazines and Take it Make it kits for the students.

If you currently have a library book in need of turning in, I would encourage you to get it to the library as soon as possible.