Seventh-grade boys topple Plainview

Hayden Irby and Luke McFatridge

The seventh-grade boys kicked into high gear Monday night in their game against Plainview.

The Duncan Demons won with a final score of 41-20.

Grayson Brooksher talks about the boys basketball game against Plainview. (Hayden Irby)

It was their first game since last semester. River Tate had his comments on the game.

Tate said that the game went well, but there were some mishaps that occurred. He said the team members did not need to work on teamwork, and that the team did well.

The game started at 4:30 p.m. and was played a Plainview, near Ardmore. The game took place just before the eighth-graders boys played against Plainview.

In the away game, the eight-graders Monday, the basketball boys lost to Plainview with a score of 32-49. It was the boys first game since last semester.

Grayson Brooksher had some things to say about the Plainview game.

“The game went well, and we didn’t need to work on our teamwork,” Brooksher said. “There were mishaps during the game, but the team did good together.”

Although Plainview got the win and Duncan lost, the boys have been practicing and will face off against Altus today. Seventh and eighth-grade will both play today with seventh-grade starting at 5 p.m.

” I probably needed more practice for the game,” Brooksher said.