JV wrestlers compete in weekend tournament

Hayden Irby and Luke McFatridge

Duncan Middle School wrestlers took part in a wrestling tournament in Chickasha.

Jack Ensey gets an opponent in hold during the Chickasha Wrestling Tournament. (Photo Submitted)

The tournament lasted two days, starting Friday and going through Saturday. It started at 10 a.m. both days.

Junior varsity wrestlers participated in the tournament.

“I lost two times and I won two times,” Imel said on how he did in the tournament

Although he won those two times in the tournament, he said that he did not prepare well enough for the tournament to do well.

There were 29 teams that participated. Of all of the teams that were in it. Tuttle Middle School won the tournament.

Duncan took home sixth place overall. However, no one from Duncan won their weight class, but Bryson Tidwell took second in his division.

Some of the wrestlers are girls. Art teacher Shelly Farrar sometimes works with the girl wrestlers. Farrar reflected on her coaching.

“My role in helping the girls (and boys) wrestlers are just to show support for my students and DMS,” Farrar said. “I hope that me being there will have a positive impact on my kiddos.  I am not officially a wrestling helper/ chaperon but I am always there when needed. “ ‘’I try to help the wrestling team whenever and however I can.  I have chaperoned an overnight tournament and try to attend as many matches, duals and tournaments as possible.’’

Some girls are Zoey Powell, Charlie Heath, Graceland Day and Jocelyn Vargas. The girls are treated the same as the boys and they wrestle for rankings like the boys do and some of the girls were on varsity and then got ranked back down to JV and they go to tournaments with the boys.