Duncan Highschool HALO week starting up

Sydney Miller, Damon Dillon, and Dylan Harty

       HALO Week is a very important event in both the Duncan Middle School and High School alike, especially in these upcoming months. Halo week is also very impacted in the Duncan community of people. Halo week officially starts during the first week of March. 

This year, there will not be an assembly at Duncan Middle School. due to social distancing and lack of space, although the high school will still be having their assembly. The cause for this year’s Halo Week event is for DHS student Mason Hightower, who has been suffering from a heart condition. 

The high school’s student council were the ones to decide and host this year’s HALO Week, and they are encouraging everyone to dress up for the days, including both DMS and DHS. You do not have to dress up if you don’t want to, but it is always nice to participate.

Student council has worked hard to put this together to raise money through fundraisers and other activities for Mason and his family, and are proud of what they have done. Ava Johnson, president of the DMS Student Council, shared what went on during the recent meeting for HALO Week. “We met up with the highschool student council and discussed ways to try and incorporate HALO Week into the middle school. We talked about what activities we could do this year, and what activities we can no longer do because of the current situation with COVID.”