Vocal music concludes musical auditions

Katelyn Young and Isaac Pain

The auditions for “Girl Hood the Musical” are over.

They started on Feb. 4 and concluded Feb. 5. Students who were quarantined were alloed to audition when they returned. However, they had to reach out to choir director Mark Monteith to let him know.

The musical will be on April 17 and April 18 at the Simmons Center.

“Girl Hood” is a new musical, and is a mashup between “Mean Girls” and “High School Musical.” The main roles students could audition for were Melissa, Amber, Morgan and Judy. There are a total of 21 characters in the musical.

Most of the people who auditioned were in the music industry. Many of them did not ask to audition for a certain role.

“They’re going to be involved in which role they would be best at with a certain personality,” Monteith said.

The students auditioned to see which roles fit them the most.

“We didn’t want someone to have the part of an outgoing person if they were shy,” Monteith said

It did not cost money to audition, although students did have to be eligible to audition and be in the musical. The students had to wear their masks while auditioning and will have to wear them at the musical.

Masks will be required to wear at the musical for now, but Monteith hopes masks will not have to be required.