City of Duncan schedules rolling blackouts

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

Rolling blackouts are scheduled for Duncan throughout the day today.

These blackouts are when they turn off the power for certain sections of the city to reserve energy. The City of Duncan is in a Level Three Energy Emergency Alert, signaling that its operating reserves are below the required minimum level which is the reason to do these blackouts.

According to the City of Duncan Facebook page, “Rolling outages will take place periodically throughout Duncan and Stephens County. Not only will neighborhoods be without power, but also traffic lights and other infrastructure.” 

The blackout were split into three groups section; one has already experienced their blackout. Section two was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. today, but it is now on hold. They have not updated when the blackout for section two or three will be. 

The Stephens County Fair & Expo Center is open as a warming station for those who are unable to shelter in place.

According to City of Duncan Facebook page, the City of Duncan recommended people bring snacks, water, blankets and medications when seeking warmth at the fairgrounds. 

Duncan Middle School Principal Rodney Strutton said the blackouts are producing more challenges for the school district’s virtual learning. Duncan Public Schools went to virtual learning Monday and today.

The rolling blackouts have created challenges for both students and teachers,” Strutton said. “DMS is trying very hard to be flexible and work with each unique situation. Many students and staff are facing obstacles that are much greater than a simple classroom assignment.

“While academics will always be a very important piece of the education puzzle, we realize that student safety, mental health, and overall well-being is much more vital for our community. We ask that students reach out to either a principal or to their teachers if they have a need that we as a school can help fill.”